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Gaetano Cozzi Prize 2019, third edition

incontro pubblico

Public meeting dedicated to the third edition, 2019, of the Gaetano Cozzi Award for essays on the history of games. The two scholars awarded with the Prize, Andrea Baldan, with…

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Treviso urbs picta

presentation of the online database and the English edition of the volume

On Wednesday, 11th April at 6 pm there will be the presentation of the web application, along with the access and consultation methods of the online database trevisourbspicta.fbsr.it relating to…

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Curare la terra/Caring for the land

public presentation of the book

Curare la terra. Luoghi, pratiche, esperienze/Caring for the land. Places, practices, experiences: this is the title of the new book of the Foundation, a collective work edited by Patrizia Boschiero,…

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Outstanding places, many years of research, a book

Public presentation

Luoghi di valore. Un’esperienza nel territorio di Treviso, nel solco della Convenzione Europea del Paesaggio / Outstanding Places. An experiment in the Province of Treviso, in the wake of the…