«Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco»

[Ludica. Annals of the history and culture of games]

The annals of the history and culture of games, published since 1995 by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche in collaboration with Viella Libreria Editrice, reopen the question of the historical centrality of leisure activities, the meaning of festive events and the role of sport.

«Ludica» aims to illustrate the social and anthropological contexts of episodes that are often passed by in historical studies. The journal is open to innovative forms of research but without doctrinaire insistence. It seeks to reinforce the critical evaluation of behavioural patterns and attitudes that have assumed considerable importance in a society in which cultural “fashions” are common and leisure time is on the increase. It is fields that are too often classified as “not very serious” and are therefore neglected that become the most fertile fields of research and yield the most striking insights. The journal ranges widely, from investigative studies to documentation and from unadorned data sets to extended treatments of single topics, exercising the highest standards in the selection of materials and scrupulous editing. Contributions are usually published in their original language, with summaries in three languages, the intention being to create a common ground for contact and exchange for the international scholarly community as well as experts in this specific field.


All published contributions are subject to evaluation and review by the journal’s scientific committee and editorial board; starting with Ludica, 27, 2021, essays are also subject to single-blind anonymous peer review.

The contents of Ludica are preserved over time on the platforms for redundant and distributed archiving of scholarly literature CLOCKSS and Portico.

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