Treviso Urbs Picta

research project

The research project, launched between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, begins with the identification and iconographic and stylistic analysis of the facades of houses and other buildings, either frescoed or varyingly decorated within the walls of the city of Treviso between the XIII and XX century.

Early music at casa Cozzi

Concerts, master classes, workshops and public events comprise the season dedicated to early music promoted by Fondazione Benetton and almamusica433.   Launched in 2012, under the artistic supervision of Maestro Stefano Trevisi, the project involves some of the most appreciated names in the international arena alongside new talents, and strongly focuses on the study and…

Atlante Veneto

The project was launched in 2012 following an Agreement between the Veneto Region and Fondazione Benetton and has a purpose: the recognition of printed geographic and landscape-related materials stored in non-state libraries of the region.

The Maccarese farm archive

Project for the recovery and valorisation of the historical archive of a farm

The Maccarese Farm, established in the late 1920s, represents one of the largest Italian agricultural entrepreneurial enterprises. The farm began as part of the policies of integral reclamation promoted by the fascist regime in an area which was owned by the Rospigliosi family until just a few years prior, dominated by the latifundium and already…

Navigating the territory

Offering engaging experiences to active citizens, promoting culture, promoting appreciation and protecting the territory in the spirit of Article 9 of the Italian Constitution: these are the aims of Navigating the territory, integrated education and research project for promoting appreciation of the archaeological area of Fiumicino (Rome).   The initiative is promoted by Fondazione Benetton…

Imago Mundi

Luciano Benetton collection

Imago Mundi is the Contemporary Art collection formed by thousands of works that Luciano Benetton commissioned and collected during his journeys around the world, asking well-established and emerging artists from various countries, in a voluntary manner and not for profit, to produce one work each, the only constraint being a 10×12 centimetre format.   Under…

Article 9 of the Constitution

The national Project and Competition targets lower and upper secondary schools with the aim of raising awareness of active and responsible citizenship in young generations, through topics inspired by Article 9 of the Italian Constitution: “The Republic promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research. It protects the Nation’s landscape and historical and…

RETURNS, I have seen peace in the mirror

The show – created and played by Filippo Tognazzo, produced by Zelda, professional theatre company, with the collaboration of Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche – is dedicated to the villages of Osmače and Brežani, on the plateau above Srebrenica, which were selected by the 2014 International Carlo Scarpa Garden Prize.

Twentieth century personal archives

“Twentieth century personal archives” is a research project on contemporary personal archives in Veneto, which was conducted between 2009 and 2017 by the Veneto Region in partnership with Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche. The aim of the research, consisting of several stages, was to conduct a systematic survey of increasingly substantial archival acquisitions, requiring special care…