The heritage of the library mainly includes published documents (books, journals and multimedia) and other materials as well (graduation theses, press reviews and minor materials), documenting the knowledge related to the main fields of the scientific work in which the Fondazione is engaged: landscape management, Venetian history and history of games.

The library also stores all the publications acquired during some specific projects or events and it includes the bibliographic sections of complex archival collections.

The heritage amounts to a total of 94,415 documents including: 65,743 volumes, 1,550 graduation and PhD theses, 14,810 periodicals volume, 90 electronic periodicals, 166 videotapes, 199 CD-ROMs, 413 DVDs, 60 microfilms, 50 audiotapes, 486 music CDs, 486 vinyl records.

The section of periodicals and journals forms a selection of the editorial production, notably extensive and especially regarding the landscape. It includes 50 current subscriptions between purchases, gifts and exchanges with other institutions, 554 unique numbers acquired for a special thematic importance.

The collection of graduation and PhD theses includes the winners of the yearly scholarship “Gaetano Cozzi”, besides the ones developed after researches made in the documentation centre or regularly gifted to the Fondazione.

Moreover, the library stores (not included in the previous list) a wide section of press reviews incorporating, since 1987, a selection of the daily press in which articles related to the work of the Fondazione appear.

From 2009 to 2014 the library curated the predisposition of bibliographic itineraries as a deepening tool of its collections.


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