The archive of the Fondazione includes the institutional archive and some aggregated archives. The institutional archive stores all the documents received acquired and produced during administration and scientific activities. In this context, extreme relevance is constituted by the series and collections of the editorial, study, research and experimentation activities, mainly related to the landscape field, as well as those related to more general cultural initiatives.

The archives of the scientific activity include various documents (edited and/or unprecedented), which join the library, iconography department and map library, preserving the intellectual unity. Some aggregated archives (whose complete list can be found in the Funds and Collection section) support the institutional archive, mainly documentary registers produced, throughout their lives, by significant people belonging to the culture, profession and art field. These are testimony both of the persona who produced them and the acknowledgement of an important function of the Fondazione, the safeguard of those private funds not easily placed in a proper institutional location.

The Miscellaneous section stores documents (dossier, unpublished documents, grey literature) whose direct and specific tie with initiatives or specific projects of the Fondazione is hard to assign or reconstruct.

The documentation stored in the archive (except for the current section not yet delivered and the one deposited and not yet counted) includes, for the institutional part approximately 5,408 envelopes/files, 122 roll holder tubes, 1,178 audiotapes, 2,220 CDs, 1,950 DVDs, 313 floppy disks and 402 videotapes; the aggregated archives include approximately 100 linear metres of counted documents with criteria still to be standardized.

A specific attention is given to the shaping of the current archive which, according to a 2002 project, benefits of organisation and administration tools such as the computerised register of protocol and the filing plan.

The archive is accessible as according to the regulation and prior appointment with the person in charge of the service. It is possible to consult the audio and video recording of the public initiatives organized by the Fondazione both on site and online, on request and by appointment, through a temporary authentication password.


Iconographic archive

The iconographic section of the archive includes photographic documents collected and produced during the activity of the Fondazione. It consists of heterogeneous but mainly contemporary materials: photographic campaigns held on the sites of courses and workshops and on the winning sites of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, photos published in the several volumes edited by the Fondazione, iconographic material related to the ongoing researches, duplication of documents not available in the original.

Moreover, in the iconography department, besides motivated exceptions, the photographical sections of the aggregated archives, of the acquired collections and the ones here deposited are stored.

Currently, the following materials are stored: 33,411 slides, 12,276 photographs, 2,011 negatives, 10,386 digital images (registered) and 279 CDs/DVDs.

An ongoing digitalisation activity of the photographical supports it is estimated to have reached approximately the 50% of the material registered on analogue.


This page has lastly been updated on December 31st, 2021.