International Landscape Study Days

The International Landscape Study Days, promoted and organised by the Foundation every year since 2004, set out to provide people working in different ways and with varying degrees of responsibility in the field of landscape with a critical up-date of the latest developments and an opportunity for an exchange of ideas.

Each year the Days explore a theme, defined as clearly as possible, in a coherent and organic manner, examining aspects and boundaries of research and experiences whose purpose is to guide, and possibly anticipate, contents which become key issues in the sphere of landscape, a sphere which is constantly changing as far as learning, cultural and social awareness and regulatory and institutional framework are concerned.

These Study Days embody the in-depth analysis and exploration which have been key features of the Foundation’s work since its beginnings (which were as far back as 1987, while the European Landscape Convention was only set up in 2000). Its focus is on the necessary intermingling of different fields of knowledge – from garden culture to history and geography, environmental and ecological issues and matters of an aesthetic and philosophical nature – to come up with innovative ideas and opinions into the tools needed today when working with landscape-oriented design. All this with a mindset that is far removed from the rules of worlds constrained by the confines of individual fields of study and which, in the lexicon which has evolved over recent years, speaks of its interest in landscape in terms of the “study and care of places”.


The experience of silence and sound in the landscape

International Landscape Study Days

2024, twentieth edition

On the side of fire

Rites, visions, cultivation practices in the landscape

International Landscape Study Days

2023, nineteenth edition


International Landscape Study Days

2022, eighteenth edition

Prati, commons

International Landscape Study Days

2017, thirteenth edition