Early music at casa Cozzi

Concerts, master classes, workshops and public events comprise the season dedicated to early music promoted by Fondazione Benetton and almamusica433.


Launched in 2012, under the artistic supervision of Maestro Stefano Trevisi, the project involves some of the most appreciated names in the international arena alongside new talents, and strongly focuses on the study and popularisation of the music of these distant centuries to share all of their surprising modernity.


A repertoire that features great affinity with the history of Treviso and enters the fabric of the medieval and renaissance urbs picta to describe an ideal urbs sonora, waiting to be discovered. With an eye on the world, thanks to the contribution of artists that take the project to an international level, from the famous Norwegian lute player Rolf Lislevand to The Boston Camerata, the most important early music ensemble in America directed by the charismatic Anne Azéma, up to the award-winning Italian voice ensemble Odhecaton led by Maestro Paolo Da Col.


The series of concerts begins at spazi Bomben, it travels through the symbolic sites of the city of Treviso, such as the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the San Francesco complex, and ends at Casa Luisa e Gaetano Cozzi. For every edition, the farmhouse, immersed in the countryside at the outskirts of Treviso, a place that naturally encourages artistic production, houses the students involved in the master classes – rubbing elbows with the musicians of the concert season – and in the workshops aimed at preparing the final performance, such as the one on early dance conducted by Maestro Bepi Santuzzo, successor of John Guthrie.


And with the 2015-2016 season a residential educational project has also begun, aimed at preparing a concert and recording an album, such as the itinerary led by Claudia Caffagni and dedicated to the Missa Se la face ay pale by Guillaume Du Fay.