Early music at casa Cozzi, 2017

Giugno Antico ends with three events

The fourth edition of the Early Music at casa Cozzi project will kick off in January 2017, organised by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche and almamusica433, with maestro Stefano Trevisi as its artistic director.

The calendar will go on until June and will include concerts, seminars, master classes, workshops for schools, as well as a Medieval Song and Music workshop, aimed at an unreleased musical production.

The season will be presented to the public by Stefano Trevisi on Friday, 2nd December at 6.30pm in Spazi Bomben of Treviso, the premises of Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche.


The fourth edition is inspired by the theme of Mimesis, from sign to sound, a theme suggested by the link with another of Fondazione Benetton’s projects, dedicated to Treviso Urbs Picta which deals with the identification and iconographic and stylistic study of the frescoed facades in the town centre. The repertoire of the programme seeks to penetrate the texture of the medieval and renaissance urbs picta to tell of an ideal urbs sonora, establishing a relationship between early music and the frescoes painted on the town’s buildings.

The title also draws inspiration from the work by the German philologist Erich Auerbach, Mimesis, the first to deal with the reality depicted in medieval and Renaissance literature; and strengthens the project’s attempt to investigate how, in early music, composers addressed for the first time the need to create a sign that would translate the sound representing the musical idea. Like literature and painting, music also lives off of signs that translate the sounds, but the performer’s personality stands between sound and sign.

Artists and musicologists will take it in turns during the calendar of events to help us understand how essential it is to know the sign to be able to reconstruct the sound of the music score, to what extent this silent sign is able to provide space and ground to manifold interpretations.


Again in 2017, the event will bring to Treviso some of the most appreciated performers on the international scene, for four concerts between January and April: the famous Swedish lutenist Jakob Lindberg; the British soprano, icon of early music, Emma Kirkby; the Catalan lutenist Xavier Díaz-Latorre, who will offer a concert performance together with Slovenian choreographer Tanja Skok; the celebrated German viola da gamba player, Friederike Heumann.

The concerts will be preceded by teaching-concerts presented by maestro Stefano Trevisi and will alternate with conferences by musicologists and scholars, with the aim of guiding the public through the geography of the signs of early music.


As is traditional for the project, a special focus will be on training: the key players of the concert season will teach the master classes, an opportunity for conservatory and music school students, as well as for music buffs, to exchange experiences and study with some of the most outstanding players of early music.

The courses will be held at the place that gives the project its name: casa Luisa e Gaetano Cozzi, a farmhouse, set in the Zero Branco countryside just outside Treviso, a place with a natural calling for playing music, not only due to the express wish of professor Gaetano Cozzi, who gifted it to Fondazione Benetton, but also thanks to its ability to effortlessly draw its guests into an “otherworldly” environment, enveloped in the deep silence that is ideal for musical creation.


Since the 2015-2016 season, furthermore, a teaching residence is offered, aimed at producing a concert and record. After last year’s production of the missa Se la face ay pale by Guillaume Du Fay, it has been decided to continue working on the French-Flemish composer’s trilogy with a workshop on the Missa L’homme armé, composed by Du Fay between 1459 and 1460.

A special focus is on schools, with a special teaching project offered to foster the knowledge of an extremely rich musical age.