Early music at casa Cozzi, 2020

seventh season

Made in Venice 

Musica Serenissima


The lagoon city is renowned worldwide for its art, architecture, as the meeting point between East and West and, in the musical field, for Baroque music.

This edition of the project Musica antica in casa Cozzi (Early Music at Casa Cozzi), promoted by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche and by the almamusica433 association, will instead reveal to the public the splendours of the music of an older Venice, works in particular from the decades between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

In the six concerts scheduled between January and June 2020, you will discover the voices of the communities represented in the Serenissima (Republic of Venice), such as the Jewish one, the wonders of the polyphonies of the Marciana Chapel, as well as the lesser known fifteenth-century music, and the history of literary and musical publishing and the music connected to it, which made Venice the first major global capital of printed books.

But the season will also feature narration in music, through the dramatic madrigals that are linked, with the antics of the commedia dell’arte, to the history of the theatre, and finally to the popular Venetian music of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and to the vision that foreign writers and composers had of Venice.


Saturday 25 January at 6.30 pm, Treviso, San Teonisto church

Suoni dalla Venezia di Shylock (Sounds from Shylock’s Venice)

Un giorno nel Ghetto ebraico di Venezia (A day in Venice’s Jewish Ghetto)

Ensemble Lucidarium


Friday 14 February at 8.30 pm, Treviso, San Teonisto church

Splendori della Serenissima (Splendours of the Serenissima)

Magnificenze della Basilica di San Marco (Magnificences of the Basilica of San Marco)

The soloists of the Marciana Chapel conducted by Marco Gemmani


Sunday 22 March at 4 pm, Treviso, Santa Caterina auditorium

Il più bel libro illustrato del mondo (The most beautiful picture book in the world)

Treviso e il sogno d’amore di Polifilo (Treviso and Poliphilo’s dream of love)

Conference and concert with the Ensemble Kalicantus

Event in collaboration with the Municipality of Treviso and Civita Tre Venezie.


Friday 3 April at 8.30 pm, Treviso, San Teonisto church

The Aspern Papers

From the story by Henry James

Francesca Paola Geretto, soprano; Stefano Trevisi, piano


Sunday 17 May at 9 pm, Treviso, San Teonisto church

De là da l’acqua (Beyond the water)

Villotte, Frottole, Barzellette tra il XV e XVI secolo (Villotte, Frottole, Barzellette between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries)

Anonima Frottolisti with Tripudiantes Dovarensis


Sunday 21 June at 9 pm, Zero Branco, Treviso, casa Luisa e Gaetano Cozzi

La Barca da Venetia per Padova (The boat from Venice to Padua)

Ensemble Musica at casa Cozzi with Compagnia Teatro d’Arte Spresiano