Early music at casa Cozzi, 2018

fifth edition, concert season

The sound route
A geography of early music


Outside the boundaries of early music regularly identified in traditional Europe, the intention that Early music in house Cozzi has given itself in its fifth edition is to explore the territories of the “other” early music, beyond the “kingdom” boundaries; to give evidence of the co-penetration of different musical languages for each tradition. From Turkey to Armenia, from Finland to the abstraction of the Charter of the Spirit, Musica antica in casa Cozzi presents a concert program involving some of the international scene’s most acclaimed repertoire interpreters.
The image published on the cover, symbol of this edition, wants to represent the unbreakable link between places, music and human beings. It is a work by the Australian artist Cynthia Burke (for Imago Mundi/Luciano Benetton Collection) recalling The Songlines, Le Vie dei Canti made known to the global audience by Bruce Chatwin in his famous travel diary published in 1987. The painting/map evokes the dreamlike paths that the Aborigines travel in the Australian Outback to recreate the geographical shapes of places through song while they are really walking along secret, coloured, point routes.
Music and geography, both expressions of movement and belonging, are regenerated continually like the phoenix, through their congenital need to mix, absorb the other to be modified and produce new human geographies and new world sounds.
Alongside the concert season, this year special attention will once again be dedicated to training. The teaching project will offer a group of singing students from different schools the chance to work side by side with the ensembles hosted during the season and to stage the result of their work. Moreover, as usual, teaching paths will be organised for schools to bring young generations closer to the early music world.


With the concert season, the fifth edition of Musica antica in casa Cozzi includes two concerts organised as part of the exhibition Rivoluzione Galileo. L’arte incontra la scienza (Galileo Revolution. Art meets science) on in Palazzo del Monte di Pietà of Padova until 18 March 2018. Events were planned and organised by Padova University also thanks to a contribution from the Cariparo Foundation and collaboration from the Benetton Foundation.


Tuesday 12 December 2017 at 21:00, church of San Teonisto
Apollo5, On green swept shores


Friday 9 February at 21:00, Sala dei Giganti, Padova
Jordi Savall, Tous les Matins du Monde