Early music at casa Cozzi, 2019

sixth edition, concert season

De Musica

From musical science to the music of the Spheres


The sixth early music concert season, entitled De Musica. From musical science to the music of the Spheres, under the artistic direction of Maestro Stefano Trevisi, has officially begun, offering an insight into the relationship between music and scientific disciplines. As part of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, Early Music at Casa Cozzi presents a series of events focusing on the evolution of musical thinking in relation to scientific thinking, from the Middle Ages until Galileo Galilei’s observations. Rather than a parallel journey, one that is deeply intertwined in these two areas of thought.


The first concert, Saturday 15th December, – A European Christmas, featuring the celebrated Choir of Royal Holloway as a 19-member ensemble, which will perform early and modern choral music – fits perfectly into this framework as well as providing an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with a selection of Christmas carols.


The concert scheduled for Friday 1 February at 9pm, …principia dai sentimenti, will take us on a journey through sound conceived by Leonardo da Vinci. This is offered by Polish musician Sławomir Zubrzycki, who built a musical instrument designed by the Renaissance master in the Codex Atlanticus: the viola organista, which looks like a piano and sounds like a cello.


On Thursday 21 March at 9pm, on the occasion of the European Day of Early Music, the medieval music ensemble LaReverdie (Claudia Caffagni, voice, lute; Livia Caffagni, voice, vielle, flutes; Elisabetta de Mircovich, voice, vielle, rebec) will perform the concert Music for Leonardo’s Bestiary. Readings by Stefano Trevisi.


On Saturday 6 April at 9pm, the Accademia d’Arcadia Ensemble will perform The order of the eye. Music and science at the time of Galileo Galilei, a performance of early and electronic music, recitals and video art, inspired by the figure of Galileo Galilei. The project is by Alessandra Rossi Lürig and Gianmaria Sortino and produced by Fondazione Arcadia and Habanero.