Gaetano Cozzi Prize 2019, third edition

incontro pubblico
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Public meeting dedicated to the third edition, 2019, of the Gaetano Cozzi Award for essays on the history of games.

The two scholars awarded with the Prize, Andrea Baldan, with his essay on Alla Cuccagna: percezioni del denaro e dell’attività lavorativa nella letteratura cuccagnesca italiana e francese tra i secoli XIII e XVI, and Naomi Lebens, A world of play: Pierre Duval and printed games on a marketplace for maps in seventeenth-century Paris, will discuss them with the members of the Selection Committee, in particular with its Chairman, Gherardo Ortalli; Alessandro Arcangeli, University of Verona; Piero Del Negro, University of Padua; Alessandra Rizzi, University of Ca’ Foscari Venice; Manfred Zollinger, University of Vienna.

Also presenting his work dedicated toMartiri come gladiatori. Performance atletica e spirito agonistico nell’antichità cristiana is Leonardo Sernagiotto, who was given special acknowledgement. This will be followed by reading the motivations of the awards and acknowledgement.


The three essays are currently being published in the twenty-fifth volume of the magazine “Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco” [Annals of the history and culture of games ] (2019) to be launched in the coming months, published by the Foundation co-publishing with Viella.