Curare la terra/Caring for the land

public presentation of the book
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Curare la terra. Luoghi, pratiche, esperienze/Caring for the land. Places, practices, experiences: this is the title of the new book of the Foundation, a collective work edited by Patrizia Boschiero, Luigi Latini, Simonetta Zanon, which will be presented to the audience on Wednesday 29 March at 6 pm. It will be discussed by Paolo Bürgi (landscape architect, Camorino) and Mauro Varotto (geographer, Padua University), with the editors and some of the authors. The volume (bilingual edition, in Italian and English) is the seventeenth of the series “Memorie”, and is published by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche with Antiga Edizioni (XIV-226 pages, 108 illustrations in colour and 11 in black and white, cover price 22 euros, ISBN 978-88-99657-61-1).

The book contains the following contributions: Giuseppe Barbera, The study and care of places (introduction), Joan Nogué, Neo-ruralism. Towards a new territoriality; Hervé Brunon, Taking care: garden, vita activa, wisdom; Juliette Ferdinand, Caring for the land, caring for souls. Bernard Palissy’s philosophy of agriculture; Massimo Venturi Ferriolo, Caring for the land or cultivating the common good; Benno Albrecht, Great green walls; Anna Lambertini, The gift as a paradigm of the ordinary landscapes project; Marco Romano, Alpine landscapes: relationships of loving care and practices; Maria Cheyenne Daprà, Allevamento di ovini per la cura del paesaggio; Giovanni Fontana Antonelli, Palestine 2004-2014. Inhabited landscape, human rights and resilience; Anna Magrin, Taking care and building good habits: Ashar Macha. Khondaker Hasibul Kabir and the garden library in Korail, Dhaka; Roberto Netto and Simonetta Zanon, “Outstanding places” and care of the landscape. The ancient vineyards and the borgo of Baver; Massimo Rossi, Landscape, cartography and care of places representing vineyards and trackways.