Treviso urbs picta

presentation of the online database and the English edition of the volume
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On Wednesday, 11th April at 6 pm there will be the presentation of the web application, along with the access and consultation methods of the online database relating to the Foundation research Treviso urbs picta, together with the full edition in English of the collective volume Treviso urbs picta. Frescoed facades of the city from the 13th to the 21st century: knowledge and future of a common good, by Rossella Riscica and Chiara Voltarel, published by the Benetton Foundation with Antiga Edizioni, which follows the Italian edition released last December.

The architect Rossella Riscica and the art historian Chiara Voltarel, the main researchers of the project, will discuss it along with Andrea Mancuso, who took care of creating the database, the historical geographer Massimo Rossi, and the art historian Anna Maria Spiazzi.

In addition to Marco Tamaro, director, and Patrizia Boschiero, responsible for the editions of the Foundation, the presentation will be attended by the co-editor Antiga and by other members of the multidisciplinary workgroup, who took part in various ways in the research, in the two editions and in the design, development, data entry and the implementation, which is making good progress, of the database.

The database stores all the information collected about the pictorial evidence within the city walls, put together through field inspections, bibliographic and archival research and photographic campaigns of existing buildings and ones that no longer exist. The links between the data acquired through research and the numerous current and historical maps enable us to submit queries to the system and obtain various interesting “thematic maps”, which are valuable for the knowledge of this extraordinary and precarious heritage.

The volume in English (216 pages, with 280 illustrations, 16 thematic tables, a map of frescoed buildings enclosed with the volume) includes essays and dossiers (in index order), by Lionello Puppi, Andrea Bellieni, Chiara Voltarel, Rossella Riscica, Massimo Rossi, Eugenio Manzato, in addition to the foreword by Giovanni Manildo and Marco Tamaro and a dossier on the overall project by Patrizia Boschiero. It concludes with the list of frescoed buildings, a general bibliography, photographic references and a valuable analytical index of names and places.