Outstanding places, many years of research, a book

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Luoghi di valore. Un’esperienza nel territorio di Treviso, nel solco della Convenzione Europea del Paesaggio / Outstanding Places. An experiment in the Province of Treviso, in the wake of the European Landscape Convention: this is the title of the new book of the Foundation, edited by Simonetta Zanon, which will be presented to the audience in the auditorium of Palazzo Bomben on Wednesday 16 November 2016 at 5.30pm. In addition to the curator, it will be discussed by Luigi Latini (President of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation), Domenico Luciani (creator of the Outstanding Sites research) and Paolo Rumiz (journalist).


The volume contains contributions by Anna Lovisetto, Domenico Luciani, Joan Nogué, Massimo Rossi, as well as the editor of the book, Simonetta Zanon.


With the aim of experimenting the principles of the European Landscape Convention, founded on the needs of educating and raising the awareness of citizens, the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche invited citizens to identify landscapes and places in the Province of Treviso and thus to participate in a collective research project through which to express, about this topic, their own opinions, aspirations and desires.

The 749 nominations, collected in the six annual editions of the Outstanding Places project (2007-2012), recount the point of view of the single individuals and communities who live in the places nominated, with their various social and cultural backgrounds, daily needs, feelings and experiences of life. Hundreds of citizens, scores of public administrators, schools, associations, experts and scholars, contributed to the project, which has grown in scale over the years and aroused the interest of the international scientific community.


The contents of the nominations transcend the initiative’s narrow geographical scope. They constitute an extraordinary key to tackling wider questions of more universal dimension, beginning with that of the person/place and community/place relationship which, in various ways, has increasingly come to the fore as the essential ingredient of what Domenico Luciani, inventor of the project, has called “our own position in the world”.

As Joan Nogué writes in his Preface to the book, “Slowly and unobtrusively the idea is beginning to gain ground that a pleasant, harmonious environment creates an agreeable sense of wellbeing and considerably enhances people’s quality life […] It is on the move, on people’s lips: all that is needed is to listen to it, question it, give it voice, as in this case”.