Naturale inclinazione 2021

Together. Learning to inhabit our planet poetically

Natural Inclination 2021 is an opportunity for us to imagine new ways for living beings on our plant to live together, something that can only happen if we decide to give up our purely anthropocentric attitude towards what appears to be an increasingly «fragile humanity» for good.

It was only twenty years ago that the European Landscape Convention introduced the notion of the landscape of people and communities, repositioned in the centre of a scene which we can no longer merely contemplate but must now experience responsibly; today we are at an equally radical crossroads, where our thoughts, actions, theories and practices must overcome the confines of the species.

Rethinking the relationships between living beings, so we can share the Earth with all the lifeforms on it, means rethinking our idea of project, because the environment can no longer be seen to belong to humans alone and neither can it be based on the human-nature dialectic, which has turned out to be seriously flawed.

The solution, as many have suggested, is to inhabit the Earth poetically and, taking the teachings of Ippolito Pizzetti as our inspiration, the starting point is the garden, the natural, welcoming habitat of all living beings; the utopic and real space of alliances and aesthetical, biological and social resistance; that magical place where species mingle and where we humans can also find our place in the world. (SZ)