Treviso: itineraries in the painted city

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The Rotary Club Treviso and the Benetton Foundation present the new audio guides dedicated to Treviso urbs picta, a series of thematic itineraries to unveil and rediscover the inexhaustible beauty of the frescoed facades of the historic centre, their histories and meanings, contextualising them with the events that have affected the city itself.

Over six hundred painted buildings have been surveyed and catalogued as part of the research that the Foundation has dedicated to Treviso urbs picta. Following the studies carried out by the Foundation’s work group and the edition of the Treviso urbs picta collective volume.Frescoed facades of the city from the 13th to the 21st century: knowledge and future of a common good, edited by Rossella Riscica and Chiara Voltarel, published in 2017 in Italian and in 2018 in English by the Benetton Foundation co-edited with Antiga, of the online database, which preserves the current and historical mapping of all the buildings featuring frescoed facades, all the information gathered through bibliographical and archival research, site inspections, and the systematic and detailed photographic campaign created by Arcangelo Piai and Corrado Piccoli, and makes it all freely available, and now the painted city is also depicted in the izi.TRAVEL application, the main multimedia narrative platform dedicated to culture and travel stories.

Thanks to this application, users can access audio guides free of charge with any smartphone, tablet or computer, directly online or by downloading the contents in advance to listen to the narration in offline mode.

It will also be possible to have a direct connection to your social media profiles, allowing the audio guides to be easily shared, which leads to greater appreciation of the Treviso urbs picta.

The proposed itineraries develop along the streets and squares of the historic centre, presenting various aspects of the painted city, focusing on the buildings and their wall decorations, of different eras and of various types, bringing attention to the whole but often also analysing curious details, or those at risk of not being seen. They cross the city by following, primarily, the main roads, and then entering less frequented streets, but which preserve extraordinary pictorial evidence. It is also a journey through the Treviso of the past, which starts in the Middle Ages, goes through the Renaissance era and is intertwined with information and references linked to more recent phases and events.

The following speakers will be at the presentation: Aldo Baruffi, Chairman of the Rotary Club Treviso; Marco Tamaro, Director of the Benetton Foundation; Andrea Bellieniand Marina Grasso, Project managers for the Rotary Club Treviso; Patrizia Boschiero, Head of editions and research coordinator Treviso urbs pictaconducted by the Foundation; Rossella Riscicaand Chiara Voltarel, authors of the audio guide texts.