proiezione nell’ambito di "Naturale inclinazione" 2019
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Screening of the film Quintet by Robert Altman (USA, 1979, 95’).

In an unspecified future, ice has invaded our planet and the few surviving human beings, sterile and devoid of any expectation, spend their time playing a mysterious and deadly game, the Quintet, which embodies a new fight for survival where there is their salvation at stake, while they await their foreboded extinction. The plot clearly refers to many films of the apocalyptic sci-fi genre, but Altman enjoys changing the cards by carefully avoiding a reinterpretation or parody. He instead tells a story, which is actually life tout court, with the inevitable ending. One of Altman’s lesser-known films, Quintetraised a debate and divided the critics but, thanks to the innate talent of its director and its international cast, it undoubtedly is still an extraordinary allegory, particularly relevant in our time.


The screening will be introduced and commented by Livio Meo, journalist and president of Associazione Cineforum Labirinto.