Does the landscape project change as climate changes?

incontro nell’ambito di "Naturale inclinazione" 2019
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The current condition poses a challenge not only for science, but also for the arts, humanities, the usual way of looking at things and contemporary culture. 

Gianni Celestini, associate Landscape Architecture professor at La Sapienza University in Rome, will illustrate the landscape project as the domain of the relationship between ecology and the human vision for the establishment of a new rapport, a new brotherhood of artistic knowledge and scientific knowledge, in a scenario where new views on landscape are accumulating and layering aesthetic concepts that are able to alter the traditional ways of learning, observing and also change the very notion of places. The event will present advanced experiences, works and landscape architecture projects that address these issues by going beyond risk reduction, showing how climate change and urban renewal are two complementary and integrated themes and how the issue of floods can be turned into an opportunity to regenerate public areas for better social life and urban quality.

Introduction by Simonetta Zanon, Fondazione Benetton (landscape protects manager).