Along the Muson. The landscape of waterways from Mirano to the Venice lagoon

international workshop

18-22 June 2019

Treviso-Mirano (Venice)




Objectives and content

Within the framework of its landscape research and experimentation activities, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche dedicates the 2019 annual international design workshop to the landscape along the river Muson, from Mirano to the Venice lagoon.

The workshop seeks to provide opportunities for reflecting on and raising awareness of the role a river may play in contemporary landscape, particularly in the context of Veneto’s urban sprawl, in relation to the social, cultural and territorial milieu.

Setting off from the historical nature of a waterway that clearly embodies and is shaped by the long history of hydraulic engineering works throughout the Venetian Republic’s territory, the design reflection one seeks to undertake will focus on the points of contact between the conflicts and opportunities demanded by contemporary development.

The study of these places has been urged by a group of citizens, who are actively engaged in their area to promote a more conscious relationship of people with the places where they live, as well as to foster innovative forms of place knowledge and design.



The workshop will occupy five full days from Tuesday 18th to Saturdayth 22 June 2019. It will be based in Treviso, in Fondazione Benetton, and will include seminar type activities, lectures, sites visits, discussions, design, and work presentations. All participants will be issued with an attendance certificate.


Admission requirements and procedures

The workshop is designed to involve fifteen holders of master’s degree or similar qualifications who are interested in interdisciplinary group work. Ideally they should have some experience in the field of landscape research and project design, at university or in a post-university professional context.

All participants should have a good command of spoken and written Italian, the main language of the workshop.

Participants will be selected on the basis of the curriculum and application submitted.

Applications should give full personal particulars, including telephone number(s), e-mail and postal addresses, and should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a short letter explaining the reasons for the applicant’s interest (not longer than 3000 types, including empty spaces). This material should be sent by e-mail to with the reference heading “workshop 2019”. Applications must reach the Foundation’s offices no later than 12am on Tuesday 7th May 2019.

The Foundation reserves the right, at its discretion, to change the number of places available.


Selection of participants

The results of the selection process, which will be carried out by the Foundation, will be published on the website by 21st May 2019and successful applicants will be notified later by email.


Participation conditions

No enrolment fee is payable for participation in the workshop.

The Foundation will make suitable premises and services available for the workshop; it will also be responsible for the ordering and free provision of all teaching and work materials, transfers for site visits and lunch on each day of the workshop. Participants will be responsible for evening meals and accommodation in Treviso.

Further information, including advice on the availability of accommodation in Treviso, is available from the Foundation’s offices.



Thilo Folkerts, 100Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlino

Imma Jansana, Jansana-de la Villa-de Paauw Arquitectes, Barcellona

Luigi Latini, Università Iuav, Venezia



Giacomo Casentini, architect, Vicenza

Elena Lorenzetto, phD semiotics, Vicenza

Luca Zilio, architetto, Padova


Coordination of the workshop

Simonetta Zanon, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche


Scientific Committee of Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche

Maria Teresa Andresen, University of Porto; Giuseppe Barbera, University of Palermo; Hervé Brunon, André Chastel Centre, CNRS, Paris; Anna Lambertini, University of Florence; Luigi Latini (Chairman), Iuav University of Venice; Monique Mosser, Advanced School of Architecture Versailles, CNRS, Paris; Joan Nogué, University of Girona; José Tito Rojo, University of Granada; and the Foundation’s Director Marco Tamaro (as Secretary) and sector heads Patrizia Boschiero (publications); Francesca Ghersetti (documentation centre); Massimo Rossi (geographical studies); Simonetta Zanon (landscape projects)