Lungo il Muson

incontro pubblico
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Mirano, teatro di villa Belvedere

The Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Mirano, presents the results of the annual design workshop, dedicated in 2019 to the Muson river and, in particular, to the waterway landscape from Mirano to the Venetian lagoon.

The study of these places has been encouraged by the Bel-vedere Lab, an association actively engaged to promote a more conscious relationship of people with the places where they live, as well as to foster innovative forms of place knowledge and design.

Luigi Latini, Iuav University, Venice, lecturer of the workshop, and Simonetta Zanon, Benetton Foundation, who coordinated the initiative, will illustrate the plans put forward, starting from a design approach focused on water, seen as the key to access the understanding of places and as a guide to develop a unitary vision of the landscape that is totally pervaded by it.

The Muson river, which is the backbone of a densely packed network of physical and human factors, is the guiding theme of work that requires abandoning sector and specialist points of view to imagine, instead, each proposal as the result of a coordinated, innovative and interdisciplinary work, and which, when necessary, goes against the current. The result of field experience is thereby translated into a work philosophy and an orientation method that has enabled us to focus on the three themes around which the design work was carried out: revealing the river, the river vocabulary, reconnecting river and community.

The meeting will take place in Mirano, at the Villa Belvedere theatre onFriday 15 November at 5pm.

The Manager of Fondazione Benetton, Marco Tamaro, and the Mayor of Mirano, Maria Rosa Pavanello, will be present.

The workshop’s “newspaper” edited and published by the Foundation will be handed out on the occasion.