Naturale inclinazione 2018

Garden design between retrospection and foreknowledge

Since its first edition in 2011, Natural inclination, the programme of summer’s end events, has been inspired by the personality of Ippolito Pizzetti (1926-2007) and his indefatigable commitment to the popularisation of the culture and art of garden design, a poetic action with a wealth of significance from the ethical and social point of view as well.

The garden loved by Pizzetti is a cosy place, ideally open even if fenced.

It is a place where we can satisfy our need for nature, beauty, harmony, understatement, and where the traces of the past may shape the issues of the present, guiding the designer’s creativity and the gardener’s care.

Through a variety of situations, stories and languages, the events of this edition elicit a reflection on the world of gardens, indeed based on the relationship of past and present, and on the importance of a continuous exchange between retrospection and creativity, nostalgia and innovation.


Participants to Natural inclination 2018

Elena Antoniolli

Architect specialised in Landscape Architecture, scholarship holder at Fondazione Benetton in 2018 with her work Modifying to preserveContemporary design and historical garden in the work of Pascal Cribier and Michael Van Gessel.

Hervé Brunon

Garden and landscape historian, research director at CNRS (Centre André Chastel, Paris), member of the editorial committee of the magazine «Carnets du paysage» and of the scientific committee of Fondazione Benetton.

Luciano Mauro

Agronomist and landscape designer active in the field of environmental redevelopment, restoration of historical gardens and design of public and private gardens, director of the Minerva Garden in Salerno since 2004.

Simonetta Zanon 

Coordinator of the landscape projects of Fondazione Benetton, she has been in charge of the Natural Inclination initiative since 2011.