Yesterday’s garden, today’s botanical garden. The Minerva garden in Salerno

event in the context of "Naturale inclinazione" 2018
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The invisible path connecting (critical) remembrance of the past and (far-sighted) look at the future, was also travelled by some Italian scholars and designers who, starting from the early Nineties, designed and completed the restoration of the Minerva Garden in Salerno.

A paradigmatic example of how the history of a place may be reinterpreted in the light of innovative landscape design that combines scientific exactness, design prowess and social issues and trends, the Minerva Garden today is a Mediterranean park/botanical garden whose layout reinterprets with a contemporary slant its long history, which began in the fourteenth century, when Matteo Silvatico founded the first garden of simples in the history of medical sciences.

During the third event, concluding the programme, Luciano Mauro, agronomist and landscape designer, leader of the work team that followed the whole operation and is today in charge of care and management, will share with the public this extraordinary experience, spanning research, design, experimentation and construction of a new model of garden for the city.