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Mirano, teatro di villa Belvedere

Lungo il Muson

incontro pubblico

The Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Mirano, presents the results of the annual design workshop, dedicated in 2019 to the Muson river and, in particular, to the waterway…

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Palermo, Teatro Bellini

Piazze e pianure che son tutte un giardino

public event

The Foundation returns to Palermo with the event Piazze e pianure che son tutte un giardino [Squares and lowlands that are all gardens] (Ibn Jubayr, 12thcentury), dedicated to the transformations of the Maredolce…

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Changes. Progettare per l’adattamento climatico

incontro nell’ambito di "Naturale inclinazione" 2019

L’ultimo numero (38, 2019) di «Architettura del paesaggio», la rivista ufficiale dell’Associazione Italiana Architettura del Paesaggio (AIAPP) propone alcuni contributi teorici e una selezione critica di piani, progetti e buone pratiche…

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proiezione nell’ambito di "Naturale inclinazione" 2019

Screening of the film Quintet by Robert Altman (USA, 1979, 95’). In an unspecified future, ice has invaded our planet and the few surviving human beings, sterile and devoid of any…

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In the Anthropocene. Ethics and politics at the end of a world

incontro nell’ambito di "Naturale inclinazione" 2019

«Mankind is changing the world as an unintended side effect of its activities, and this will have unintentional consequences, many of which are harmful to humans and other species: extreme…

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Does the landscape project change as climate changes?

incontro nell’ambito di "Naturale inclinazione" 2019

The current condition poses a challenge not only for science, but also for the arts, humanities, the usual way of looking at things and contemporary culture.  Gianni Celestini, associate Landscape…

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Tea culture in China

Public conference

In the context of the 2019 International Carlo Scarpa Prize awarded to the Tea Gardens of Dazhangshan, the sinologist Livio Zanini, president of the Italian tea culture association, will hold a…

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chiesa di San Teonisto

Concert for The Tea Gardens of Dazhangshan

Traditional Chinese Music

As part of the public initiatives organized in the ambit of the 2019 Carlo Scarpa Prize, Liu Fang, an internationally celebrated artist held to be one of the world’s leading…

Gallerie delle Prigioni

The Ground We Have in Common

documentary and contemporary art exhibition

Fondazione Benetton and Gallerie delle Prigioni present an exhibition dedicated to the 30th edition of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, which this year is awarded to The Tea…