Natur Park Schöneberger Südgelände and Berlin’s Urban Nature

exhibition of the 32nd edition of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens
, from
Treviso, spazi Bomben

The photographic and documentary exhibition Natur Park Schöneberger Südgelände and Berlin’s Urban Nature, organised by Fondazione Benetton in the Bomben exhibition areas (open from 14th May to 31st July 2022), is designed to explain, starting with this volume, the site that is central to this year’s Carlo Scarpa Prize, its key issues and its setting in Berlin, with reference to other public spaces that effectively highlight the peculiarities of what can be defined contemporary “Berlin urban nature”.


The exhibition is spread over four rooms, one of which is dedicated to viewing the documentary film and a story by images of the backstage footage of the documentary and the study trip.

The remaining three rooms are dedicated, in order, to: the reasons which led to choosing Natur Park Südgelände and Berlin’s urban nature; a visit to other sites of “Berlin’s urban nature”, especially Grünes Band Berlin Schönholz, Park auf dem Nordbahnhof, Park am Gleisdreieck, Topographie des Terrors, Tempelhofer Feld, Landschaftspark Johannisthal/Adlershof; the School of Urban Ecology at Technische Universität and the role of Grün Berlin. At the heart of the exhibition are the history as well as the ecological, design, artistic and management aspects that are peculiar to Südgelände. The exhibition is designed as a large work in progress, in which documents – photographs, writings, notes – are organised in the format of a kind of storyboard to illustrate the place, its themes and relationships with the city. The photographs are by Marco Zanin (Fabrica, for Fondazione Benetton), and some of the authors and the organisations that have worked with us. Graphics and layout by Marcello Piccinini.