Landscape designer: recounting a trade

public lecture

Luigino Pirola, Paolo Villa and Marco Tamaro speak about the profession of landscape designer

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It is considered a privilege to be a landscape designer. A wonderful trade, young and lively which seen from different angles always shows surprising and fascinating aspects. Naturally, it is not all idyllic, and the profession presents many indecipherable aspects.

Such as updating. Today the most common method of consulting data is the internet. There it is possible to find examples, contacts, authors. Then why has the most important Italian association of landscape architects chosen and fought to have its own magazine when print is going through an irreversible crisis and the internet is increasingly being used? The answer is simple: the trade of landscape designer is complex and needs to be explained in an orderly fashion, methodically and patiently and not at the speed of images and concepts illustrated in quick succession.

The landscape magazine is a window for three main actors: the writer, the designer, the reader. Each has his/her own role and offers his/her own contribution. The three actors do not have clearly identified borders, because some both write and design, some both design and read, and some do all three. This is why it can also be described as an imperfect trade. A good reason to offer the opportunity to talk about it and recount it.


Luigino Pirola, landscape architect, conducts his profession from his own firm SAP Studio Architettura Paesaggio based in Bergamo and is a fixed-term professor of Applied landscape ecology; since 2016 he has been the national president of the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (Aiapp).


Marco Tamaro, agronomist, expert in territorial management policies, has been heading the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche since 2009 and has been secretariat of the Administrative and Scientific Committee. He participates in the activities of the Benetton group companies on territorial and environmental themes


Paolo Villa, landscape architect, is co-founder of the AG&P Greenscape firm, Milan, professor of landscape architecture at various schools of specialisation and university courses, and author of books and articles on the subject. National president of the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (Aiapp) for the three-year term 2009-2012, since 2012 he has been heading «Architettura del Paesaggio» magazine.