Landscape architecture training in Europe

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Sapienza Università di Roma, Facoltà di Architettura, piazza Borghese

La formazione in Architettura del paesaggio in Europa: riflessioni per un terreno comune [Landscape architecture training in Europe: considerations for common ground] was the theme of one of the 2018 landscape scholarships awarded by Fondazione Benetton. The research, conducted by Viola Corbari, investigates landscape architecture training in Europe, with the aim of identifying its specific features and possible common approaches.

This research project focuses on seven areas (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, the UK and Spain) and, for each one, outlines the evolution of the discipline in the 20th century until today, highlighting its main features and dynamics, cultural derivations, foreign influences, and the key personalities and institutional figures that have led its development. The work focused on the topic of training and how it relates to the professional world, first of all because the formalisation process of this discipline is closely linked to the recognition of this profession, and because by exploring the various branches of this profession it is possible to identify the very goals of the training efforts. Moreover, a more geographically extensive overview of the current training programmes in Europe provides a general framework that should be analysed based on the study conducted.


This project has led to an event, scheduled in Rome, organised in cooperation with La Sapienza University and other university institutions. In addition to Viola Corbari, the event will feature a number of speakers: Tessa Matteini, Uniscape Director, University of Florence; Franco Zagari, Professor, Sapienza University of Rome; Rita Biasi, Coordinator for the inter-university Sapienza-Tuscia Ph.D. in Environment and Landscape Planning and Management; Fabio Di Carlo, Sapienza University of Rome, member of ECLAS [European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools], President of IASLA [Italian Academic Society of Landscape Architecture]; Luigi Latini, Chairman of the scientific committee of Fondazione Benetton and Professor at IUAV University of Venice. Opening address by Anna Maria Giovenale, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome; Marco Tamaro, Director of Fondazione Benetton.