Culture and the social role of foundations

on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Foundation

To wrap the activities organised for its 30th anniversary, Fondazione Benetton has organised a two-day event in Rome for reflecting on the role of culture and cultural heritage education as a source of collective growth and social cohesion.


The kick-off will be on Wednesday, January 24th at 3pm in the prestigious premises of the Senate of the Republic with an event by invitation, Culture and the social role of Foundations. Cultural promotion, research, memory, welfare. Italian foundations form a widespread network of facilities all over the country that contribute to the evolution of research and support education, representing an actual welfare system that has a dynamic role in the dialogue between public and private interests, providing significant economic resources and cultural projects for the development of society as a whole. The event, which some of the most important national foundations will take part in, will be an opportunity for exchanging ideas, conducive to highlighting the relevance of their work and their contribution to cultural promotion. The exchange will pivot around article 9 of the Italian Constitution. The works will be opened by Giuliano Volpe, President of the Superior Council of Cultural Assets, while Luciano Benetton, the Chairman of the Foundation, will give the closing address.


The works will continue on Thursday 25th at 10am in the Spadolini hall of the Collegio Romano, on the topic of The educational function of cultural heritage in the promotion of actions for active citizenship and social cohesion. In today’s world, cultural heritage can increasingly play a social role, helping to counter phenomena of exclusion and standing as a testing ground for new forms of active citizenship. As a matter of fact, the scope of the traditional and crucial actions to protect cultural assets and to safeguard our heritage may be broadened by fully engaging local communities, in keeping with the Faro Convention, fostering cultural enrichment

among the citizenry, which therefore takes on an active role in taking care of the heritage. In addition to a form of effective and shared stewardship, this is also conducive to developing and instilling social cohesion and the sense of belonging to the territory, seen as the common good. The event is organised within the framework of the Convention entered into between the General Education and Research Directorate of the Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism and Fondazione Benetton, and will be attended by central administrations and local agencies, as well as public and private bodies active in the field of the protection and development of knowledge. It will be an opportunity to exchange ideas on the needs and demands being put forth from many parts of our country and to learn about experiences and good practices carried out country-wide in recent years.