exhibition of two hundred and sixty-three works by Latin American artists da un'idea di Luciano Benetton

I believe that art happens — when it is true art — when there is a complex dialogue with the state of things. And although works of art sometimes have the ability to arouse differing interpretations by viewers, I believe that the world of creation always aspires to something universal and shared. My passion for…

Amsterdam, Zuiderkerk

Museumplein, 1891-2020

On Thursday, 18th December 2008 in Amsterdam, in the prestigious central venue of the Zuiderkerk, the Museumplein 1891-2020 exhibition opened, organised by the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Municipality of Oud-Zuid, with the cooperation of Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, which, last May, awarded the 19th International Carlo Scarpa Garden Prize to the Museumplein, a crucial…


Outstanding places competition 2008

exhibition of reports

The exhibition made all of the materials which were handed in by the participants for the second edition of the competition to describe “their” 188 outstanding places available, reordering and setting them up in the first room to provide an overview of the reported sites and to browse through all the paper documentation, donated publications,…


Museumplein of Amsterdam

documentary and photographic exhibition on the Prize-winning site

The nineteenth edition of the International Carlo Scarpa Garden Prize, dedicated to Amsterdam’s Museumplein, also includes an exhibition of drawings and documents on the Museumplein history and on the work of Sven-Ingvar Andersson. The exhibition is directly connected to the publication dedicated by the Foundation to the Museumplein and in general to the documentation work…


April 7, 1944

exhibition of the documents on Palazzo Bomben and Palazzo Caotorta

Before work began, someone sent a letter to the newspapers asking for Palazzo Bomben-Mandruzzato to be kept as a ruin, as a constant memorial of the Allied bombing of 7th April 1944 and the terrible damage it caused: they were wrong. The documents show that it was not bombs but human neglect that reduced the…


Eugenio Turri. Villages

photography exhibition

The exhibition displayed photographs taken by Eugenio Turri starting from the early 1960s. The photographs show villages, depicted in aspects of life, form and measure, bearing witness to the scientific focus on the topic of villages. Each photograph is considered as a fragment of a complex investigation involving several trips and visits to the same…


Vajont. New landscape


Exhibition of the competition designs “improvement of access to the Vajont landslide area.” Memory pathway experimental simulation of guided itinerary by Marco Tonon. Stereoscopic tours three-dimensional images in the Vajont area. Men on the Vajont directed by Luciano Ricci, 1959 (run time 14’) gold medal at the 1960 Venice Film Festival. Guided tours for students…