Outstanding places competition 2008

exhibition of reports

exhibition of reports


The exhibition made all of the materials which were handed in by the participants for the second edition of the competition to describe “their” 188 outstanding places available, reordering and setting them up in the first room to provide an overview of the reported sites and to browse through all the paper documentation, donated publications, photo galleries in electronic format and films concerning each entry.

The next two rooms, on the other hand, house the materials processed following the meetings held between 21st July and 23rd September with some of the key players. In about twenty of the sites, considered as representative of all the nominated sites, the responders, owners, local authorities, teachers and students talked about this experience and the meaning their own outstanding place had for each of them.

The exhibition offered an account of these testimonies through vast photographic and audiovisual documentation (about 3 hours in total of freely viewable documentaries).

The exhibition recorded a remarkable success with the public, with a significant increase compared to the previous year: there were about 3300 visitors, 32 / day on average (compared to 22 in the first edition), with a dozen school groups of various grades, from primary to high school, from the entire province.

As with the first edition, the visitors of the exhibition were asked to use a voting card to vote for one of the reported sites.

About half the visitors (1700) accepted, and the result of this “popular” vote, which is obviously only considered as a guideline, confirms the variety and subjectivity of the elements that determine the opinion of a site’s value, while showing the degree of awareness regarding territorial issues and many people’s willingness to take part. Also this year, the most voted sites tell very different stories and are properly representative of the entirely of the submissions: the first three are Goffredo Parise’s house in Salgareda, the primary school of Collalbrigo (Conegliano) and the Roncade castle.

Five hundred voters also took the opportunity to leave a more detailed comment on the voting card. More specifically, in most cases (80%) the comments reinforced the positive opinion of the reported site, or illustrated the reasons, while the rest of the comments were equally divided between opinions on the exhibition or on the Outstanding places initiative (fully positive in 75% of the cases) and various other types of messages. We will certainly take into account all suggestions as well as criticisms.

The visitors’ votes and comments represent another useful standpoint for the collective study that the Outstanding places initiative seeks to be.

After viewing the displayed materials, the jury of the competition (and of the International Carlo Scarpa Garden Prize) honoured its commitment undertaken in the call for entries to publicly express its observations on the second edition and, in general, on the initiative’s future objectives through the statement (pdf 32 kb) released at the Landscape Study Days dedicated to the topic of Outstanding places. Values of the Place.