The videos of the International Landscape Study Days 2017


Thursday, February 16th – morning, introduction The “lawns” in the history and culture of landscape

Luigi Latini and Simonetta Zanon, Introduction to the Study Days

Jean Marc Besse, The landscape of commons: places, practices, concepts

Alessandra Ponte, Out of Hopeful Green Stuff Woven

Franco Panzini, Mediterranean Commons

Coordinator Monique Mosser


Thursday, February 16th – afternoon, Cities, landscape, places of imagination

Marteen Kloos, Amsterdam, the Museumplein and the contemporary public space

Jeppe Aagard Andersen, Meeting places. Cities are for people

Coordinator Luigi Latini


Thursday, February 16th – afternoon

Nativa dei prati

Elisa Tomat conversing with José Tito Rojo


Friday, February 17th – morning, New lawns, the landscape architect’s work

Udo Weilacher, Stabilizing landscape structures for living urban spaces

Norbert Kühn, Intentions for the Unintentional, spontaneous vegetation and urban environment

Fabrizio Fronza and Sara Tamanini, Esperienze di gestione

Coordinator Teresa Andresen


Friday, February 17th – afternoon, Work in progress: actions, temporary occupations, new life in lawns

Raul Pantaleo, In the Italian suburbs, acting for the common good

Federica Dell’Acqua, Berlin, Tempelhof and other ongoing experiences

Claudio Bertorelli, Experimentations in urban landscapes

Laura Tinti, Between discipline and habits. Lawns by night

Anna Lambertini, Prato della Fiera, Treviso

Coordinator Simonetta Zanon