A three-year period of investigation into the environment and photography

photographic exhibition of the collective Synap(see)

The Synap(see) collectivegathers several Italian photographers who have long been examining environmental and territorial issues, each with their own auteurial viewpoint.

In the last three years, supported by curator Steve Bisson, Synap(see) has conducted a series of investigations covering nine regions, thirty case studies and dozens of public events.

The activity primarily focused on specific national and regional parks. Pollution caused by microplastics in the Tuscan Archipelago, marble extraction in the Apuan Alps and other cases highlight a number of critical issues and a multitude of expectations and perspectives that are not always consistent, prompting one to rethink the management of these parks.

The collective then examined a few rivers and the centuries-old relationship of coexistence of humans, civilisations and waterways. These are also different ways of living and of making use of the landscape and its resources. The river remains the same, in some way, but what changes is everything around it and that crosses it.

Synap(see) also reflected on soil uses, in particular the “return to the land” trend seen with a new generation of small farmers and breeders who are committed to achieving greater sustainability, respect for animals and nature. Their stories become part of a diverse blend of experiences and ways of viewing the land.

These photographic projects will be collectively hosted for the first time at Spazi Bomben in Treviso, in cooperation with Fondazione Benetton, as part of the exhibition that will be open from Sunday 18 November 2018 to Sunday 6 January 2019.