The Maccarese farm and its archive: a cultural asset for history, for the community

public lecture and registration
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Fiumicino, Roma

The history of the Maccarese farm, the largest in Italy, established in the 1920s, is closely connected, in addition to the history of its community, with some of the major themes of Italian history of the last century, such as reclamation, internal migration and trade union battles.


The archive is therefore a precious resource, not only for the company but also for scholars in the sector and for the local community: over the course of the lecture the results that the current project has achieved thus far shall be presented, and the prospectives of the development and valorisation of its contents shall be shared.

With the participation of: Esterino Montino, mayor, Municipality of Fiumicino; Silvio Salera and Umberto Broccoli, respectively CEO and artistic director, Maccarese Spa Società Agricola; Mauro Tosti-Croce, Superintendent, Archival Superintendency of Lazio; Simone Colafranceschi, historian, Rome; Rosario Lentini, historian, Palermo; Marco Tamaro and Francesca Ghersetti, respectively director and manager of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche documentation centre; Leonardo Musci and Susanna Oreffice, respectively president and archivist, Memoria Srl; Bruno Restuccia, DigiLab, Sapienza University of Rome; Maria Guercio, professor, Sapienza University of Rome and president of ANAI – the National Archivist Association of Italy. Talks and recounts of personal experiences of local actors have been organised for the lecture as well as the display of a selection of documents and materials from the archive.


The lecture, which will be held in the San Giorgio Castle, is organised by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche in collaboration with Maccarese spa Società Agricola. With the patronage of the National Archivist Association of Italy-ANAI.