Soil as a Landscape

International Landscape Study Days 2020, sixteenth edition

Nature, crossings and immersions, new topographies

Soil “and” landscape: an apparently simple, predictable combination. However, the growing interest in the topic of landurges further investigation, which will be pursued in the study days by dealing with soil “as” a landscape. Soil is commonly dealt with, and rightly so, in terms of consumption, by taking only quantitative data into account and referring to the multifold forms of land impoverishment carried out by society in recent times. However, we seldom focus on the very nature of soil in its various environmental, ecological, aesthetic and social aspects. Hence, during the study days, soil will be regarded as the connective tissue, nourishment and vital process of our life experiences. After all, the essence of inhabited places and the very meaning of our belonging to the landscape lie precisely on soil.




Thursday 20th February

> 10–10.30 a.m.

opening and greetings, Marco Tamaro

introduction to the study days, Luigi Latini and Simonetta Zanon


> 10.30 a.m.–1.30 p.m.

Natures of soil, introduced and coordinated by Giuseppe Barbera

Soil, climate, landscape, Rosario Pavia

Terrestrial and extraterrestrial soils, Giacomo Certini

About Ground, Topology and Soil, Cristophe Girot


> 3–6:30 p.m.

Urban soil, city lands, introduced and coordinated by Joan Nogué

Processes of urbanisation and use of soil, Laura Fregolent

Urban soils. Layers, horizons and surface experiences, Anna Lambertini

The importance of soil and living beings in the cityFrançois Vadepied and Mathieu Gontier

Different soils. Urban farming experiences, Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto


Friday 21st February 2020

Visions, experiences in the field

> 10 a.m.–1.30 p.m., morning session introduced and coordinated by Simonetta Zanon

Water and soil in landscape project, Laura Zampieri

Rehabilitating the landscape of the Land of Fires (Terra dei Fuochi), Fabrizio Cembalo Sambiase and Antonio di Gennaro

The obsession of protecting our land, Paolo Pileri

Stories of botany: from Derek Jarman’s garden to three projects, Antonio Perazzi


> 3-6 p.m., afternoon session introduced and coordinated by Luigi Latini

Soil as an Aesthetic Experience, Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna

The Syntax of Landscape, Tilman Latz

Navegando por la aridez (Navigating Aridity): arid soil, fragile lands, Juan Manuel Palerm



Andrea Caretto, artist, Turin

Fabrizio Cembalo Sambiase, agronomist and landscape designer, Studio Progetto Verde, Naples

Giacomo Certini, University of Florence, Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies

Antonio di Gennaro, territory agronomist, Risorsa srl, Naples

Laura Fregolent, luav University of Venice, Design Cultures Department

Christophe Girot, ETH Zürich, Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur

Mathieu Gontier, Wagon Landscaping, Paris

Anna Lambertini, University of Florence, Department of Architecture

Luigi Latini, luav University, Design Cultures Department, Venice

Tilman Latz, Latz + Partner, Kranzberg

Juan Manuel Palerm, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Rosario Pavia, University “G. D’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara, Department of Architecture

Antonio Perazzi, Studio Antonio Perazzi, Milan

Paolo Pileri, Polytechnic of Milan, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto, University of Bologna, Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Technologies

Raffaella Spagna, artist, Turin

François Vadepied, Wagon Landscaping, Paris

Laura Zampieri, CZ Studio, Venice


opening of the study days and coordination of sessions

Giuseppe Barbera, University of Palermo,Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences Department; Luigi Latini, luav University, Design Cultures Department, Venice; Joan Nogué, University of Girona, Geography Department; Marco Tamaro, director of Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche; Simonetta Zanon, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, landscape projects.