Excellent Cre-Active Cross-Fertilisation of New Hybrid Spaces
, from
chiesa di San Teonisto

RIGENERArTE, a play on the words regenerate and art, is a project promoted by Unindustria Servizi & Formazione Treviso-Pordenone in collaboration with Fondazione Benetton and funded by the Regional Government of Veneto with resources from the European Regional Development Fund. Its aim is fostering social innovation processes involving manufacturing companies, the creative community and the region.

Over the course of one year, four industrial facilities – the former Vas paper mill, the Tessitura La Colombina weaving mill in Badoere di Morgano, the Lanificio Paoletti wool mill in Follina, and the Giano space in Treviso – will become hybrid spaces where economy and art can cross-breed to create new social outlets for the region, as well as potential job opportunities.

The project’s presentation will be attended by entrepreneurs, municipality representatives, artists and experts in the field of industrial cultural heritage and of heritage anthropology, as well as by a group of middle and secondary school students.