Tales of landscapes: nature in contemporary engraving in Japan and Italy


The Foundation once again hosts an exhibition curated by the National Association of Contemporary Engravers. This is the third event derived from the collaboration with the large group of master engravers, which in recent years has grown in numbers but, above all, in experience and contacts with the international arena. In Treviso, in fact, the Association will present a series of works by its members, juxtaposed to fascinating works by Japanese master engravers, with whom the Italian group is sharing profitable cultural exchanges. Landscape will once again be the main theme of the rich exhibition (about ninety works will be on display), observed, experienced and depicted in signs and forms by artists who are distant geographically and by artistic sensibility. The natural environment is presented in its plastic simplicity, in its metamorphosis, in its relationship with human civilisation, in its silent giving of itself to contemplation as well as to the artist’s imaginative interpretation. The exhibition showcases the whole gamut of engraving techniques, allowing the visitor to not only enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the works – all of which are of a high standard – but also to compare the technical refinement and creative skills of the Japanese and Italian masters.


A woodcut demonstration will be held on Sunday 27th October at 5 PM by Japanese artist Yoshie Uchida.