Public seminar on the award-winning site and its context

the Guatiza quarry and the places cultivated in the soil of a volcanic island


Lanzarote, Jardín de Cactus

International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens

XXVIII edition, 2017

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Treviso, spazi Bomben

Those attending the seminar will seminar will have the opportunity – in the company of experts from the various disciplinary fields concerned – to discover more about the unique natural and cultural features of the place, its historical and geographical context, and current issues ranging from the conservation of agrarian landscape and the natural heritage to the relations between the island’s governance and the development of tourism.


Opening speech and coordination by Luigi Latini (president of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation) and Patrizia Boschiero (coordinator of the Carlo Scarpa Prize activities)

Wolfredo Wildpret de la Torre (naturalist, Universidad de La Laguna): Lanzarote: volcanoes and plant landscapes in a biosphere reserve

Fernando Castro Borrego (art historian, Universidad de La Laguna): César Manrique: landscape phenomenology

Renato Bocchi (architect, Università IUAV di Venezia): The poetics of César Manrique

Juan Manuel Palerm Salazar (architect, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria): Cultivated craters and quarries. The Jardín de Cactus, Guatiza

José Tito Rojo (botanist, Universidad de Granada): Cactus gardens, from botanical collecting to tourist attraction

Antonio Motisi (agronomist, Università degli Studi di Palermo): Forms of vine in insular agriculture

Juan Gopar (artist, Lanzarote): The island recreated. Notes on the insular genealogies of Lanzarote


The seminar will also included guests from the Canary Islands and the Scientific Committee of the Fondazione Benetton. The discussion is open to the public.