Osmače e Brežani

public study seminar on the Prize-winning site and its context
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The seminar precedes the ceremony, to be held later the same day, at which the Prize seal will be presented to those responsible for the care of the designated place. It is therefore an opportunity to come into closer contact with the figures who led and experienced the events that have generated the energy needed to undertake the journey back and tend the land as a way of reviving the practice and spirit of living together. It also offers an occasion for direct dialogue with significant parts of the invaluable network providing help and support for their efforts and aspirations.

Introduction and coordination: Domenico Luciani and Patrizia Boschiero.

Muhamed Avdić and Velibor Rankić, Our work, today, in Osmače and Brežani

Filippo Giannone and Luca Michieletto, Sowing the return. Not only buckwheat

Valentina Gagić and Nemanja Zekić, Dialogue on memories and projects in Srebrenica

Irfanka Pašagić and Andrea Rizza Goldstein, Twenty years later, in Eastern Bosnia

Šimo Ešić and Alma Omeragić, Books and children

Luigi Barbieri and Anna Brusarosco, Solidarity and support

Antonella Schiavon and Gianbattista Rigoni Stern, Agricultural, forestry and stockbreeding experiments  in the Drina Valley

Discussion, open to the public

With contributions from: Muhamed Avdić, Adopt Srebrenica Group, Osmače; Luigi Barbieri, Centro Pace, Venice City Council; Anna Brusarosco, Sowing the Return Project; Šimo Ešić, Bosanska Riječ, Tuzla; Valentina Gagić, Adopt Srebrenica Group; Filippo Giannone, Agronomi e Forestali Senza Frontiere, Padua; Luca Michieletto, Cooperativa Agricola Biologica El Tamiso, Padua; Irfanka Pašagić, Tuzlanska Amica, Tuzla; Velibor Rankić, Adopt Srebrenica Group, Brežani; Gianbattista Rigoni Stern, Asiago; Andrea Rizza Goldstein, Alexander Langer Foundation, Bolzano; Antonella Schiavon, Agronomi e Forestali Senza Frontiere, Padua; Nemanja Zekić, Adopt Srebrenica Group, Srebrenica.

Also taking part: Amir Kulaglić, Municipal Director of Culture and Sport, Srebrenica, on behalf of the Mayor Ćamil Duraković; Biljana Rakić, Deputy Mayor of Srebrenica; Edi Rabini, President of the Alexander Langer Foundation, Bolzano; the Jury of the Carlo Scarpa Prize, the Scientific Committee and the working group of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche; other representatives of the network of official bodies and associations involved.