Museumplein of Amsterdam

public ceremony for presentation of the Carlo Scarpa Prize
, from
Treviso, Teatro Comunale Mario Del Monaco

During the award ceremony Domenico Luciani, the Director of the Fondazione, illustrated the prize-winning site;

Maarten Kloos, the Director of the Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam, reported on the current condition of the Museumplein and prospects for the future;

Lionello Puppi, the Chairman of the Jury, read the citation motivating the award of the Prize to the Museumplein.
Egbert de Vries, the Chairman of Amsterdam Oud-Zuid Municipal Council, received the seal associated with the Prize, presented by Carmen Añón, the Vice Chairman of the Jury.
To conclude the ceremony, Beata Andersson read the speech given by her father, Sven-Ingvar Andersson, at the public inauguration of the Museumplein on 22nd August 1999.