L’Espacio Escultórico nel Pedregal de San Ángel, Città del Messico

Public conference and award ceremony of the Carlo Scarpa Prize 2023-2024
Treviso, spazi Bomben e chiesa di San Teonisto

The Espacio Escultórico in the Pedregal de San Ángel, in Mexico City, is the dedicatee of the 2023-2024 International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, the thirty-third in the series.


Saturday 13th April,  10am–1pm

Public conference

Coordination and introduction by Patrizia Boschiero and Luigi Latini, the curators of the various activities associated with the Prize.

Speakers: Rosa Beltrán Álvarez, coordinator of Cultural Outreach for the UNAM: The Espacio Escultórico in the cultural horizons of contemporary Mexico; Juan Ignacio del Cueto, director of the Faculty of Architecture of the UNAM: The origin and evolution of the UNAM University City in the Pedregal; Louise Noelle Gras, technical secretary of the UNAM Committee for campus intervention analysis: The reconquest of the Pedregal: Luis Barragán and Juan O’Gorman; Silke Cram, executive secretary of the Ecological Reserve of the Pedregal de San Ángel: The Ecological Reserve of the Pedregal de San Angel and wild life; Pedro Camarena, landscape architect, UNAM: The landscape of the Pedregal de San Ángel; Davide Gambino, film director and producer, DADA Film: Illustrating the prize-winning site with a documentary.

Proceedings will close with personal contributions from Hersúa (Manuel Hernández Suárez) and Sebastián (Enrique Carbajal), members of the group of artists Responsible for the Espacio Escultórico.

The conference will be streamed on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.


Saturday 13th April, 5pm

Public ceremony

The award ceremony for the Prize, coordinated by Luigi Latini (Chairman of the Scientific Committee and Director of the Foundation), includes: the projection of the documentary film Pedregal: la storia dell’Espacio Escultórico, directed by Davide Gambino (director of photography Michel Hadad, live sound recordist Sofía Ruiz, original music Gianluca Bartolo and Pino Petraccia, produced by the Benetton Foundation to accompany the Prize, with DADA Film); a reading of the Prize citation by Patrizia Boschiero (coordinator of the activities associated with the Prize); the presentation of the “seal” designed by Carlo Scarpa to the writer Rosa Beltrán Álvarez (coordinator of Cultural Outreach for the National Autonomous University of Mexico), who will receive it on behalf of Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas, the Principal of the UNAM, the body responsible for the prize-winning site. The ceremony will conclude with contributions from Mexican and Italian institutions.