Treviso Comic Book Festival exhibitions

Fumetti in TV and La miniera di polvere

In 1968, the first comics invaded the small screen during the Italian television advertising show Carosello: it was the Pupa and Bob Bobseries for Zoppas, produced by Paul Film of Paul Campani and Max Massimino Garnier. “Fumetti in TV” [Comics on TV] then became popular in the famous RAITV television programmes Gulp! (1972) and SuperGulp! (1977/1981) created by Gianfranco Governi and Guido De Maria and directed by De Maria himself.

The Treviso Comic Book Festival will celebrate this occasion with a major exhibition, Fumetti in TV, which will open on Saturday 29 September at 12.30 the spaces of Fondazione Benetton, featuring historical figures and authors. Bialetti’s little mustachioed man with, Angelino, Toto e Tata, Svanitella, Fido Bau, Ciuffo e Cioffo, la Smorfia, Gigino Pestifero, gli amici di Gioele, Miguel son mì by Paul Film, the legendary detective Nick Carter and his faithful assistants Patsy and Ten by Bonvi/De Maria, Giumbolo, Centauro Total GT and Corto Maltese – Hugo Pratt’s hero, masterfully adapted for TV by the Bignardi studio – are just some of the many characters to be featured at the exhibition, designed by Andrea Losavio and Giovanna Durì, with the precious cooperation of the Archives of Paul Campani, Renato Berselli, Stefano Bulgarelli, Clod (Claudio Onesti), Guido De Maria, Eredi Secondo Bignardi, Eredi Bonvicini and Claudio Varetto.


But it is not the only gem that the TCBF will bring to the Foundation.

In parallel, La miniera di polvere[The dust mine] will also be inaugurated, a solo exhibition by Franco Matticchio, a key figure in the comics world for his works published on fanzines and the likes of “Linea d’Ombra”, “Corriere della Sera” and “Linus”. The “Domenica” section of “Il Sole 24 Ore” coined a term to describe his works, the “Matticchiate”, and the publishing house Rizzoli Lizard has recently published two of his books: Jones e altri sogni [Jones and other dreams] and Hai e altri guai [Mr. Ahi and some other troubles].

His drawings now circulate on the Web and amaze readers with their wealth of ideas and graphic quality, as well as being a source of inspiration for artists and authors. The 15th anniversary of the TCBF is the perfect time to exhibit the originals of these gems: thirty comics and more than seventy colour illustrations, some loaned by various collectors especially to make the exhibition even more comprehensive and invaluable. The exhibitions will be open until Sunday 14 October.