Join the dots/Unire le distanze

Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton Collection, Trieste
Trieste, Salone degli Incanti

May 2018. The art of Imago Mundi comes to Trieste, like a ship of Ulysses that brings together and unites peoples and lands, ideas and religions. The imaginative realities of the Mediterranean basin, the variegated culture of the Balkans, the Nordic inspirations of Mitteleuropa, the legends of the beautiful blue Danube, the spiced colours of the Middle East: a glimpse of the world that only art can provide through the creative gestures of thousands of artists, brought together in the extensive exhibition Join the Dots/Unire le distanze, which showcases 40 Imago Mundi collections. 

An unprecedented itinerary of sea and land, captivating and colourful, passionate and at times heart rending, that can be viewed at the Salone degli Incanti, from 29th May to 2nd September 2018.

In the ex Pescheria Centrale on Riva Nazario Sauro, overlooking the sea, in a Trieste which today is enjoying a renaissance as a centre for the exchange of goods and ideas on the modern Silk Road, the 6,354 Imago Mundi artworks illustrate a central part of our world through the red thread of the imagination that, literally, constructs a vision of the world with its images.

In the Trieste exhibition each collection dialogues with the others proposing a connotation of exchange: of poetics, styles, techniques and ideas that cross boundaries and create connections. 

Through the 40 Imago Mundi collections the viewer can “join the dots”, bridge the distances, discover travel as an adventure in the world, as an exploration of cultures and identities and, at the same time, as an intimate reflection in one’s own inner space. Because Join the Dots/Unire le distanze is an exhibition that comes from afar, from the contemporary passions of Luciano Benetton for art and travel. And, notionally, from Gauguin’s inscription on his 1897 masterpiece “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?”, a fervent and obsessive meditation on the meaning of the most important human journey – life.