The villa Farsetti garden in Santa Maria di Sala

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Villa Farsetti

The Foundation, in cooperation with the Municipality of Santa Maria di Sala (Venice), will present the results of the annual design workshop, dedicated in 2018 to the garden of Villa Farsetti in Santa Maria di Sala and its landscape.

The three teachers who led the working group: Paolo Bürgi, Studio Bürgi, Camorino; Luigi Latini, IUAV University of Venice; Giuseppe Rallo, Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of the provinces of Venice, Belluno, Padova and Treviso; with Simonetta Zanon, Fondazione Benetton that coordinated the initiative, will illustrate the proposals put forward by the workshop, starting from the recognition of Villa Farsetti as a means of establishing relationships between the elements of a territorial and landscape system that is still clearly identifiable, but which requires a new cultural consciousness, capable of taking a contemporary approach to its past as a “garden of wonders” with prestigious botanical and artistic collections.

The event will be held in Santa Maria di Sala, in the theatre of Villa Farsetti. Participants will include: Marco Tamaro, Director of Fondazione Benetton, Nicola Fragomeni, Mayor of Santa Maria di Sala, and councillors Luca Morosin, in charge of cultural services and education and youth policies, and Francesca Scatto, in charge of public works and safety.

The workshop’s “newspaper” edited and published by the Foundation will be handed out on the occasion.