Forest of Memory

public ceremony for presentation of the Carlo Scarpa Prize

During the public ceremony on Saturday 6th May 1995, held in the Salone dei Trecento in Treviso, the prize was presented to the Stockholm City Council Department for Cemeteries (Kyrkogardsforvaltningen). The declared intention of the Jury, in making the award, was to draw attention not just to the cultural and social conditions required for a sacred area to be conceived and realized but also to the substantial means and expertise that must be applied to maintaining it at both spiritual and functional levels (the cemetery contains 100,000 tombs, half of them private and half looked after by the Department of Cemeteries). The prize of twenty million lire and the Carlo Scarpa seal were accepted on the Department’s behalf by two of its directors, Andres Norsell and Börje Olsson.