Cultivated by Fire

lecture by Kate Cullity
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The 19th edition of the International Landscape Study Days, On the side of fire. Rites, visions, cultivation practices in the landscape, will be preceded by the online preview conference by Kate Cullity, landscape architect, founder of TCL-Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Adelaide, introduced by Anna Lambertini, professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Florence


Fire in the Australian landscape is both a destructive yet ordering force, one in which plants have become adapted to cope with, survive and in some cases flourish. The frequency and intensity of recent large scale bushfires are however unprecedented and many scientists and fire experts are turning to the traditional Aboriginal practice of “fire stick farming” as a way of managing the landscape to avoid these high intensity fires.

The talk will focus on a number of TCL’s projects that tell scientific and cultural stories in relation to fire and the environment.