Bosco di Sant’Antonio

public study seminar on the Prize-winning site and its context
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An open debate on the subject of agrarian landscapes, with particular reference to woodlands and starting with the emblematic case of the  Bosco di Sant’Antonio, near Pescocostanzo.
The seminar  will be introduced and coordinated by Domenico Luciani and will include contributions from Teodoro Andrisano, the Majella National Park; Pasquale Del Cimmuto, the Mayor of Pescocostanzo; Luigi Hermanin, the University of Florence, Faculty of Agriculture; Aurelio Manzi, botanist and agricultural historian; Massimo Rossi, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche; Francesco Sabatini, honorary president of the Accademia della Crusca; José Tito Rojo, University of Granada.