Stage and internships at the Documentation Centre

Fondazione Benetton welcomes graduating as well as graduated students, wanting to practice in the documentation field of an institution, which brings on study and research activities and promotes cultural events in the landscape, history of game and territory branches.

During the period of internship, the applicant will have the chance to familiarize with the ongoing works within the library and the archive. He/she will support and assist the other employees in general activities of the Fondazione and he/she will complete one or more projects, according to the length of his/her internship (supported by a tutor) and also according to the skills of the applicant and his/her priorities. The projects might revolve around the collections of the library (books and periodicals); the archive of the Fondazione; the aggregated archives and archives of which the Fondazione is responsible.


Possible activities: cataloguing monographies and excerpts (bibliographic description along with an eventual semantic cataloguing, modern and ancient material), classifying magazines and miscellaneous volumes and survey of dedication copy or inscribed copy. Moreover, it might be asked an analysis and census of miscellaneous including printed documents, some digitalisations in order to preserve and/or valorising iconographic or archive documents, the census and/or inventory of archives or successions and other activities aimed to valorise some collections.


The internship period, eventual expense account and facilities will be agreed with the applicant; the applicant must promptly communicate the eventual renunciation. Should that not be the case, he/she will be excluded by further involvement.


For participation requests, it is kindly asked to send the CV including personal data, contact details and details related to the CV and to eventual experiences in the specific field of libraries and archives.

For information and participation requests:


Project “alternanza scuola/lavoro” at the documentation centre

The documentation centre welcomes, in the project “alternanza scuola lavoro”, students from high schools for activities of support in the management of the documentation centre and for specific projects in agreement with professors. For information and participation requests: