Domenico Vianello Collection

Collection of cartography and historical printed iconography concerning the city of Treviso and its region. Initiated by Domenico Vianello Bote starting from the mid 70s of the last century.




Contents of the collection

It includes about one hundred original materials, in excellent conditions, dating between the 15th and late 19th century.

The chorography includes the table entitled Tarvisium del Liber Chronicarum printed in Nuremberg in 1493, la Marcha Trevisana by Giacomo Gastaldi (1548), la Tarvisina Marchia et Tirolis Comitatus by Mercatore (1589), various seventeenth century editions of Territorio Trevigiano by Hondius and Blaeu, and the Zatta edition of 1783.

The town’s topographic reproductions bear witness to the work of Georg Hoefnagel in the edition of Urbium praecipuarum mundi theatrum quintum of 1598, of Mortier with Trevise of 1704, of Salmon with La città di Trivigi in the 1753 edition and of Bernardo Salomoni with the map published in 1824.

The main town monuments are depicted in the mid nineteenth century views by Marco Moro and in those by Semenzi collected in Grande Illustrazione del Lombardo-Veneto (1861).

The collection represents a bona fide history of Treviso’s cartography, chronologically ordered and including, among others, the masterpieces of the Dutch typography dynasties.


Research instruments

Collection currently being catalogued.


Accessibility conditions

May be consulted on request in the map library.


Methods for acquisition

The collection was acquired in 2008.