Memorie Series

directed by Luigi Latini and Monique Mosser

The series, created in 1988 and directed until 2014 by Domenico Luciani and Lionello Puppi, from 2015 onward by Luigi Latini and Monique Mosser, brings together contributions commissioned by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche to stimulate reconsideration of the theory and practice of stewardship of the cultural heritage, in particular in the field of landscapes and gardens and more in general to help the move towards a new relationship between public and private forces and an indispensable reform of the “economy of culture”. The series normally publishes scientific work commissioned directly by the Foundation including surveys, proposals and experiments designed to enhance knowledge of the natural and cultural heritage and to ensure its protection and proper management. The editorial scope of “Memorie” ranges widely and includes the publication of the proceedings of seminars and courses on landscape management, dossiers on the annual International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens, atlases and reports of workshops and experiments to do with landscape. The diversity of the list is a direct consequence of the wide variety of subjects studied, from cultural landscapes to cartographic documents, from actual sites to books, the fundamental criterion being that the results confirm the enduring value of the methods that underlie the coordination of the various specialist fields, the conducting of research and the formulation of proposals.

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