Lanzarote, Jardín de Cactus

The International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens

XXVIII Annual Award, 2017



Navigating the territory

the archaeological area of the imperial ports of Claudius and Trajan is open


open from to 2nd September

Scholarships for landscape studies

third call, 2017



applications must be submitted by 31 August

Maredolce-La Favara. A new landscape for Brancaccio, Palermo

international workshop


26th-30th June 2017

Palermo, palazzo di Maredolce

participants list is on-line

Prati, commons

International Landscape Study Days



videos and interviews of the International Landscape Study Days are now available


«Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco»

21-22, 2015-2016




[Ludica. Annals of the history and culture of games]

Curare la terra/Caring for the land

Luoghi, pratiche, esperienze/Places, practices, experiences


a cura di/edited by Patrizia Boschiero, Luigi Latini, Simonetta Zanon